Extremely rare/limited print available (Ten copies left)

Blue cloth, gold lettering, color William Blake illustration.

Limited to 25 copies altogether, of which ten remain.

Latinized edition: Josephus Nicolellus.

Cost: $5,000.00.

Email me directly if you, your gallery, library, &c. would like a copy (personally inscribed).

Written in 2009, Polk Street has circulated in various editions ever since. Often close to landing at one publishing house or another, I was each time asked to alter the nihilistic cadence, something I was – obviously – unwilling to do. It is a narrative destruction of all political parties, war against idols, something of a Kierkegaardian take on the Dostoyevskian Underground Man, transpiring on one street, in one day: Polk Street, San Francisco, from Market to Beach/Fisherman’s Wharf.


Sonnets forthcoming in an equally limited edition, black cloth w. gold, William Blake illustration, 107 sonnets informed by the architectural systems and lives of the medieval cathedral builders.