Coming Soon: 17th c. Sicilian Religious Poetry

A little note and preview concerning one of the works in progress, being transcription and translations of Sicilian religious poetry penned between 1600 and 1625. Whether one is familiar with my ongoing project concerning Milton’s Roman sojourns, alchemy, and bucolic or not, this present postscript stands to serve as both a chronological and chronotopic preface as well. Through these translations I move toward the questions of genre and rhetoric in Milton, and from there onto the exegetical, illustrative endeavors of Blake and Milton for the 2023 Milton Symposium.

But for now, over the coming weeks and months I will post selections from this collection of 60 poems in ottava rima on various religious themes, verse whose author is unknown, though it is suggested he was an ecclesiastic as per the Kislak Center description.

St. Valentine, pray for us!