At Swim-Two-Summer-Notes (Summer 2022 Miscellany)

by Joseph Nicolello

Polk Street is now available for purchase in a limited, privately printed run.

Sonnets is available in a limited, preliminary leatherbound printing, through Phenomenology of Spirit.

This summer I am Kenneth Karmiole Doctoral Fellow at UCLA, engaged in dissertational research.

Fall 2022 through Spring 2023 I will be working at, with, the University of Pennsylvania, as Schoenberg Doctoral Fellow, on similar aspects of dissertational research.

Given the nature and primacy of this and other work, there has been little time to work on Syllogistic, my novel written entirely in syllogisms about a character attempting to decipher the history of syllogistic in chronological research explicated in the form of his own philosophical novel. That said, I have had free spans of weeks here and there, and I am elated to report that the work, Syllogistic, is now about halfway through. It is doubtful that it shall receive anything more than isolated spats of days and weeks for the next couple of years. Still, within these spats, the work has been unfolding well. I am thinking that it could be finished in one to two years at this point, but this hypothesis is predicated on occasional schedule gaps, or an actual (rather than theoretical) break in my predominant scholarly work.

I believe that is all for now. Part of me would like to see Polk Street and [the] Sonnets, but such yearning is not near the top of one’s severest prerogatives.

My advice for aspiring penmen is more or less mollified calumniation. See also Empedocles, Sextus Empiricus, Jerome, Robert Copland, Nicolaus Lyranus, and The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly (1643-1652).

There is a proposed exegesis in the works … though that too must come later (or at least remain secret).